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We Don't Have to Simply Survive...

A Flourishing Life Is Within Reach!



I'm Nicole!

Health Coach

& Exercise


who lives & plays in

Canmore, Alberta.


If you've made it here, I'm guessing you have been, or are struggling with some of the same challenges I've encountered. Click the 'Meet Nicole' below to learn more about my journey and how I can help you with yours. 

What I Specialize In

Reset Your Digestive System

Establish Better Eating Habits

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Create a Vision & Set Health Goals 

Personalized Exercise Plan

Helping YOU who feel 'stuck in survival mode' with low energy, lack of motivation, loss of dreams, spread too thin...

... To take control of your life & determine the best steps to re-energize,

... So you can become energized, feel renewed, start to dream again, and truly show up as your best self for those you love the most!

What I have appreciated about Health coaching is “knowing that if I am part of the process and figuring out the answer, then it’s probably going to stick a lot more than somebody saying ‘here I want you to do this, here’s the plan’.”

- Rhonda

“Coaching is different than anything I’ve ever done. It has allowed me to think about things, as a compliment to Nicole, and challenged me to think about what I can do to live a healthy life. It has forced me to think about things a little more clearly.”

- Robert

 "It is obvious that Nicole has lots of people skills, is very encouraging, and has experience behind her. I have really appreciated her mannerisms, encouragement and professionalism.”

- Nancy