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Helping individuals FLOURISH both physically & mentally so they can live their potential

Nicole Struthers Health Coach Profile Picture


I'm Nicole!


Physiologist &

Health Coach

who lives & plays in

Canmore, Alberta.


If you've made it here, I'm guessing you have been, or are struggling with some of the same challenges I've encountered. Click the 'Meet Nicole' below to learn more about my journey and how I can help you with yours. 

What I Specialize In

Group and individual strength sessions

Adhere to healthy habits & behaviours

Create a Vision & Set Health Goals 

Exercise Plans that Work for You

Are you exhausted?

 Worn out?

 Simply 'surviving' the season?

Feel like you've lost your passion and zest for life? 

Life doesn't have to be like this!

I help individuals FLOURISH both physically, mentally and spiritually so they can live out their potential, and enjoy life to the fullest.

What I have appreciated about Health coaching is “knowing that if I am part of the process and figuring out the answer, then it’s probably going to stick a lot more than somebody saying ‘here I want you to do this, here’s the plan’.”

- Rhonda
Nanaimo, BC

I have struggled with focus and disorganization my whole life. Nicole has helped me find ways, unique to what my goals are and the way my mind works, to help me to better organize and stay on track. Our bi-weekly and then monthly sessions gave me a point of accountability. She always gave me great feedback and resources, without judgment nor did she coddle me. I always felt empowered after our meetings.


She also encouraged me to be patient with myself as I take small steps to change. Changing one's life for the better can be very difficult, and sometimes you need help.

- Angela
San Diego, CA

Nicole listens intently and compassionately. She provides practical and achievable steps to work towards accomplishing your goals. The resources and reframing she provides are extremely relevant and impactful. I take every opportunity I can to recommend her to others as the work she’s doing is truly improving peoples’ well being long term. Thank you Nicole!

- Gabrielle
Calgary, AB

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