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Tips to Prioritize YOUR Movement
Plus a ‘Take Anywhere’ Workout Plan

Ensuring we create space to do things that help our body flourish is important, yet hard. Use these tips below to help you create the habit of moving more.

5 Tips to Prioritize Your Movement Habit

1. Create a Plan & Connect it to your ‘Why’

  • Plans are empowering, they help us feel confident that we are moving towards our goals.

  • If we don’t have a plan, chances are much higher we won’t do anything as it’s often 1 more thing to think about on our already busy schedule.

  • Always come back to ‘Why’ a specific habit is important. This will help with motivation when things are hard.


2. Schedule It

  • Keep it as an appointment with yourself.

  • At the beginning of the week look at your calendar and block off times to ensure you are prioritizing movement and exercise for yourself.

  • If we haven’t taken the time to create space, more often the space will get filled with something else.


3.  Tell Somebody: Create Accountability

  • If we tell someone what our intentions are, we are more likely to follow through.

  • Better yet, find a friend to join you on a walk or exercise class. Having to show up for someone helps hold us accountable.


4.  Choose an Activity you Enjoy

  • We are far more likely to engage in movement we enjoy regularly than forcing ourselves to do things we hate.

  • At the end of the day, consistency is key in seeing results. We are more consistent if we enjoy the journey, not just the end result.


5. Make it Easy

  • Prepare your environment to work out: Lay out your athletic clothes and shoes, have a gym bag ready to go, post-workout snack handy.

  • Perform the steps above! They will help make movement easier to follow through with.

Create a Plan to Move

The ‘Take Anywhere’ 30-minute Workout Plan


How to perform this workout:

  • Warm-up for 5-10 minutes ideally before beginning the circuit.

  • Perform all exercises in Circuit 1 in a sequence, take a quick break then repeat 1-2x more. Move onto the next set and perform in a similar manner.

  • If it feels like too much to do all circuits, choose 1 and spend 10 minutes moving your body. Remember it all adds up!

Take Anywhere Circuit Table 1.jpg
Take Anywhere Circuit Table 2.jpg

Interested in learning how to customize your workout to your needs? 

Or how to implement these tips to see changes? 

Book a free session to discuss how I can help!

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